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Home Fragrance / Barbershop Goose Creek Candles for Men

Barbershop Goose Creek Candles for Men

The nostalgic aroma of an old-time barbershop!

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Barbershop Goose Creek Candles for Men

About this fragrance:

The local barbershop is a place for guys to get a nice clean shave, a haircut done to their liking and a chance to catch up on local happenings. The barbershop is also legendary for its distinctive smells, which are a mixture of masculine scents from the guys awaiting service, the barbers and the various products in use. That last part is what we decided to focus on when creating this scented candle. Light it and relax as nostalgic notes of lemon oil, shaving cream, musk and spices waft through the air.

Prominent scent notes:

  • Top:Lemon Oil, Shaving Cream
  • Mid:Geranium, Sheer White Spice
  • Base:Patchouli Oil, White Musk, Fresh Powder

BurnTime:35+ hours

Wax Info:Soy Wax Blend

Dimensions:4.125" D X 3.625" H

Style:Painted Glass Candle for Men


Wicks:3 wicks - 100% lead free

Produced:Made in the USA

Formula:Highly Scented, Clean Burn


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